The Action Of Purpose Trilogy

The Action of Purpose Trilogy
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Through the Fury to the Dawn
Action of Purpose  1
An Incredible Purpose Awakens…
With no hope of receiving a vital heart transplant, police officer Kane Lorusso knows his days are numbered. He will never play ball with his young son or get to see his daughter married. Spiraling into a pit of depression, Kane believes his life is over. Little does he know that mysterious forces are at work in his life and in his heart.​​​​​​​​​

On a cool April morning, the civilized world crumbles in the wake of worldwide chemical attacks and nuclear destruction. Kane, a bitter agnostic, is torn to his foundation by the realization that the God of the universe has preserved him for a reason. Testing a newfound faith, he must forge alliances with the other chosen and vow to make a stand against the rising tide of darkness. Preyed upon by ghoulish, cannibalistic mutants and pursued by a merciless gang of bandits demented by an unimaginably sinister power, Kane finds that the road to redemption is paved equally with terror and hope as he struggles to fulfill his purpose and become the man both Heaven and Earth need him to be.

"A strongly told, well-paced, inspirational story for Christians and nonbelievers alike... scenes of flight and conflict are perfectly, tautly rendered and aptly convey the fear and desolation of the ruined world."    ~ Kirkus Indie Review

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"You will find yourself reading this book not realizing ​​​​​​​how much time has escaped in your evening." ~ Terry Delaney, Christian Book Notes
"Whether it's the heart-stopping thrills, the adrenaline fueled chases, or the honest display of companionship in the bleakest of situations, this book is a true page turner at its core." ~ William, Amazon Review
Into the Dark of the Day
Action of Purpose 2
The epic saga that began with ​​​​Through The Fury To The Dawn continues with a fearful journey into the heart of darkness.
Former police officer Kane Lorusso is desperate. Driven half mad by chronic sleep deprivation and constant dehydration, Kane finds himself endlessly haunted by memories of his lost family and the friend he allowed to die. He and his friends—an aging, professional athlete; a warrior boy and his wolfish beast; and a resiliently faithful woman—cling to hope as they try to lead and protect a ragtag group of survivors who have taken shelter at the Emergency Radio Control Station on the coast of South Carolina. As the group struggles to scavenge resources and food and collect what precious water remains, they continue to broadcast a message of hope to anyone who can hear it. But as tensions rise and tempers flare, Kane’s faith begins to slip. Indispensable comrades are forced to depart, and the fragile makeshift community trembles on the brink of oblivion as they are forced to fight for their lives against vicious mutants who by night try to breach the walls of the compound to taste their flesh.
And if this weren’t enough, a terrible evil, believed vanquished, swells once again with hateful power as it waits for the perfect opportunity to strike back, burning its cruel vengeance into the weary souls of all who would dare oppose it.
"Jones' well-designed future world and especially his driving, infectious storytelling may win over all but the most adamant skeptics. Fans of S. M. Stirling's Dies the Fire (2004) and its sequels are likely to see this as a fantastic new series to follow. An intriguing and well-done Christian-fiction twist on the post-apocalyptic novel." ~ ​​​​​​​Kirkus Indie Review

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"The authors stated aim is to show that Christian fiction doesn't need to be sanitized. In that, he certainly achieves what he set out to do. It's powerfully dark at times, heartfelt and hopeful at others, and nothing at all like sanitized Christian fiction." ~ ​​​​​​​​​Clarion Foreword Reviews
"INTO THE DARK OF DAY is a well-plotted story that does stand on its own with a climactic ending that will leave readers wanting to know more about these perilous times." ~ Indie Reader
Against the Fading of the Light
Action of Purpose 3
The Thrilling Finale to the Action of Purpose Trilogy.
A savage evil collides with a desperate faith in a perilous battle for the fate of all that remains.
Sinking deeper day by day into a mire of personal loss, self-loathing, and despair, former police officer Kane Lorusso is at a crossroads. After all the evil he has endured at the hands of the psychotic warlord, Malak, and his army of bandits, Kane struggles to physically and emotionally survive his own worst nightmare. While the forces of darkness continue to rise against Kane and his allies, their only hope lies in a faith that refuses to die, and a God who has spared them all for a singular purpose.
As new allies join the fight and old enemies reemerge from the wasteland, Malak’s savage bandit army gathers in the West preparing to unleash an unspeakable evil upon the whole of creation. Destinies intertwine in a timeless conflict as Kane and his friends come to the sobering realization that they are the last hope of a dying world. Will they lay down and be consumed as every last ember of hope is stamped out? Or will they stand one last time Against the Fading of the Light?
"The narrative features strong, evocative Christian overlays, which Jones handles with considerable dramatic skill and a no-nonsense delivery.  Jones adeptly interweaves this earthly brawl with a larger celestial struggle being fought over the future of humanity. Kane's quest to save his children, Dagen's search for the best parts of his soul, the survivor's hunt for an ancient artifact of enormous power all are brought to a stirring, well-handled climax. An energetic thriller about beleaguered warriors of God battling the powers of darkness that delivers a rousing conclusion." ~ Kirkus Indie Review

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"Against the Fading of the Light, surprising within its faith-based genre, is a dark, graphic religious apocalypse novel with the nonstop action of a wartime thriller." ~ Clarion Foreward Reviews
"Highly recommended for any fan of action-packed apocalyptic fiction that's light on preaching and heavy on style and entertainment." ~ Jason B. - Amazon Review
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